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Pippa Kate is an astrologist and mythologist. She believes that we are all aspects of the universe being made aware of itself and blends astrology + mythology as a means of understanding this physical manifestation from our personalities, through to relationships, careers and key lessons on our paths.
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Read for you Ascendant, Sun and Moon.
Last month was huge, and so April (at least the first half) brings a much needed respite – a time to catch your breath, process what has been showing up for you, integrate the energy and even find some much needed medicine in the woundings that have surface during March. Later this month we have an eclipse season (which will start on the 20th of April) and Mercury Retrograde (on the 21st). That might sound ominous, but really these are necessary energies helping you to cleanse and awaken to a new understanding of yourself (on the back of last month). Think of it like a much needed detox and a time to rest.


Mar 21 - Apr 19

Your birthday celebrations continue until the 20th of April. It’s time to revel in the fire of the beginning of this month and it’s ability to have you feeling at home in your impulsive nature. One of your gifts if your ability to make decisions at pace and under pressure. This month is allowing you to honour this and see how it contrasts to those in your life who maybe have a little more trouble knowing what to do. As the Full Moon in Libra peaks on the 6th of April, this is a call for you to bring to light healing around relationships and intimate partnerships. If you’ve been finding old wounding’s being stirred up in this part of your life or situations replaying themselves, then know this is what is being asked to be seen by you as well as understood and released. As Taurus Season starts on the 20th of April, you’ll also meet Eclipse Season which will open up 2 weeks of intense energy. The type that is calling for you to awaken within you a new sense of identity and start a new chapter (whether you can see it coming of not) in how you treat your body and your motivation in life. Finally (yes, there’s more) Mercury will station retrograde on the 21st until the 15th of May. This is a time to consider whether you are being authentically you when you speak, and to really dive into your values + sense of self-worth through the conversations you have with others. As usual you might find old loves re-appearing or people from your past. Remember these are just universal messengers.


Apr 20 - May 20

The first half of April can feel like a funeral for the old you. It’s a time of wrapping up loose ends, making decisions about what you’re ready to let go of and even feeling a bit of that pen-up anger (you hide so well) coming to the surface. Know that this is all in preparation for the start of your birthday season on the 20th of April. However before you reach that date, there is a Libra Full Moon that will be bringing your attention your health and wellbeing. It’s calling for deep healing (and that can be in a literal sense not just metaphorical). This is a Full Moon to consider where your health + mental wellbeing is showing you that you are out of balance. There are some much needed answers riding with the light of this Full Moon. Your Birthday Season will kick off on the 20th and with that Eclipse Season too. That makes the back end of April a time where you are being called to step into new energy, new beginnings, a new sense of motivation and self-worth. Added to that you might find that anything you were still holding onto from earlier in the month is taken from you – with ease and grace – by the universe. Understand that this energy would have held you back from what is to come. The day following, Mercury will station retrograde in Taurus. As such if you want to book travel, have any serious conversations, deal with medical issues or buy any electronics or large purchases (like a car) try to do this earlier in the month or mid May.


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