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Pippa Kate is an astrologist and mythologist. She believes that we are all aspects of the universe being made aware of itself and blends astrology + mythology as a means of understanding this physical manifestation from our personalities, through to relationships, careers and key lessons on our paths.

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This is the biggest month of 2023 for astrology. We have the move of Saturn into Pisces and then Pluto in Aquarius (for the first time in 248 years). Hold onto your hats, and enjoy the ride into a new unfolding consciousness and a return to community, decentralised organisation and radical ideas. Something that will be starting to unfold from this point forward. It’s time to take stock of what you have been releasing since late 2019 and start to build a new reality – that is less patriarchal and more inclusive.


Mar 21 - Apr 19
Welcome to your birthday month Aries, but before we get to the Equinox on the 21st of March (which denotes the start of your Season), it’s time to slow down and consider where you need some extra TLC – particularly when it comes to your health + wellbeing. As the Virgo Full Moon peaks on the 7th of March, it’s the perfect time to start a new daily routine, to prioritise your body and mental health. You might want to consider a heading a yoga class, meditation practice or simply starting running again. Remember it’s ok to spend time on yourself particularly in anticipation of Aries Season, where it will feel like you are ready to go. Pay attention to any health niggles around the 12th of March, as things that have been lying dormant can finally come to the surface (that’s not something to fear or stress about but ties into the need for you to listen to your body). As the 21st of March rolls around it’s time for you to shine – to enjoy your impulsive nature, your fire and your passion. In fact the New Moon on the 22nd of March is like your new year and the perfect time to lay intentions that you want to bring about over the next 12 months. Finally the biggest shift of this year (for the collective) will happen on the 23rd of March when Pluto enters Aquarius. This is a time for you to consider where you are ready to rebel, to lead a revolution and disrupt the patriarchy with an entirely new way of thinking! Yee-haw!


Apr 20 - May 20
It’s time to wind things down and to consider what you’re ready to let go of. You might have noticed that you’ve been holding on to ideals around your body, your life’s direction or motivation that just aren’t true but rather are the product of your ancestral programming (that’s right this is an energy that just keeps being passed down until someone in your line is willing to look at it). This letting go energy is being magnified by the asteroid Shiva which is aligned with your ruling planet Venus until the 26th of March. As such you’re being called to unclench your first and trust that letting go is the only way to bring about something new. The Full Moon in Virgo on the 7th of March is bringing your attention to your home and personal life. It’s shedding light on the places where you put yourself second and run on empty – encouraging you to embrace a new daily routine or mindset that will have your cup full. This Full Moon can also manifest as a call to move where you live or brighten up your current home. As Venus enters Taurus on the 17th of May, things should start to feel a little more balanced and your enjoyment of life will be back with force. Pay attention to the messages, nudges and opportunities that show themselves around the 22nd as these are leading your further along your soul’s path. As Aries Season kicks off just before this on the 21st, you’ll feel the call to lay low and save your energy (even cancelling plans) before Taurus Season starts next month.


May 21 - Jun 20
If you’ve been feeling the call to socialise and make plans with friends, then this is the season to do it. Even if you’re normally the introverted type, you might find yourself thrown into meeting new people or having to muster some of your extraverted essence particularly from the 21st of March. This energy will start to subside later next month – so make the most of the push. The Virgo Full Moon on the 7th sees you needing to speak up and you might find an important conversation or news you’ve been waiting for finally appears particularly related to your home or family life. The 8th of March sees Saturn entering Pisces and this can have you starting to take on more responsibility in your work, seeing clearly what has been hidden within your current job and start the process of helping provide clarity for how you can serve the world through your career. A particularly auspicious date for you is the 28th of March, when your ruling planet Mercury meets Jupiter, this is a day for listening to your intuition, your dreams and starting to trust more of your instinct to guide you. Finally, Pluto will enter Aquarius on the 23rd, which is arguably the biggest transit of the year. This shift can have you being called to travel, to study something new or even just taking a hard look at how you limit yourself through your own stories. It’s time to be rebellious and go against the grain when this energy hits.


Jun 21 - Jul 22
The first half of this month has you continuing to be challenged by your own abundance. This is an energy that is calling for you to get curious and explorative…noticing where there is old programming and ancestral energy that has you feeling restricted or holding yourself back. You might find there are opportunities to travel, to study and to get to the heart of this ancestral trauma. When Aries Season kicks off on the 21st of March, this energy will shift and it will be time for you to get down to business. Your focus will be on your work, your career and the fire to push yourself forward. Before we get there though there is a Virgo Full Moon on the 7th which is bringing to light energy around money and your own sense of self-worth. It’s calling for you to look at the places where you burn yourself out or give your life force in exchange for a sense of value (and that can include how you earn your money). Remember that no amount of money is worth giving your soul for. There is some deep healing around this Full Moon which can manifest as a time where you need to keep check of your mental and physical health – ensuring you’re listening to what you need (not just what others want from you). Later in this month Pluto will enter Aquarius on the 23rd, which marks a period of immense transformation for you. A time for you (which you will get a taste of between then and June) to consider where you are ready to be a bit more of a rebel and step out away from the masses to pursue your ideas.


Jul 23 - Aug 22
You’re still in deep transformation and rebirth energy until the Equinox on the 21st of March. Up until that point you’re being called to look at old ancestral energy that is still living within you (and your family) and yet is not serving how you live. Particularly the type of energy that has you doubting your intuition, fearing your own magic and even having dreams of being persecuted for using it. It’s time to remember you are now in a century where intuition and magic are being remembered and valued. The Full Moon on the 7th of March, calls for you to step into a new sense of worthiness and value. To shed light on the places where you have been putting yourself second or undervaluing your work because of this sense of lack. This Full Moon is helping to bring about a new relationship with money and your own worthiness (which is a reflection of this). As the Sun enters Aries on the 21st of March, it’s time for you to explore more of this abundance. In fact the coming month is one of expansion for you, inviting you to travel and to get curious about your own limitations. If you’ve been questioning your direction or felt a lack of spark lately, use the Aries New Moon on the 22nd of March to invite the universe to help you out with this. Finally Pluto will move into Aquarius on the 23rd of March, sending transformational waves through your relationships and how you approach partnership. It’s time to get unconventional, to ditch the patriarchal rules and create your own.


Aug 23 - Sep 22
If things feel a little funky at the moment – like nothing is going to plan, you can’t get a fixed answer from anyone or things are a little wishy washy – all will start to feel more normal to you around the 7th of least for a couple of days around this. That’s because there is a Virgo Full Moon, meaning it’s the start of a new direction, cycle and relationship with you. It’s kind of like it being the start of your New Year – so get ready to feel at home and be challenged to enter some fresh energy. You might even find yourself wanting to dress differently, change your hair or simply be given the opportunity to start something new. My advice is don’t question it or over think it. Although there is a part of you that always want to know your purpose, it’s important to understand that there is no grand answer rather small opportunities that are like bread crumbs leading your forward through life. As Saturn enters Pisces right after the Full Moon on the 8th, the focus is on relationships and what you want to build in this area of your life. It can feel like you’re finally finding some answers, and being given the self-awareness to understand relationships (and business partnerships) better. When Aries Season swings around on the 21st of March it’s time for you to spend the month considering where you hold back from action and where you allow fear or the need for perfection to get the better of you. If you need some help navigating this energy, use the New Moon on the 22nd of March to ask the universe for a map. Finally when Pluto enters Aquarius on the 23rd you’re being called to pay extra attention to your health (physical and mental).


Sep 23 - Oct 22
The beginning of this month is calling for you to focus on your body and mind. To notice where you are giving more than receiving and where you might need to take it a little easier. This can be hard as a sign that loves living in the world of ideas and feelings, yet up until the 21st of March you’re being encouraged to get embodied and to listen to the universal intelligence that runs through you. If you notice that you’re already feeling burnt out (and it’s only the start of the calendar year), schedule some time off to rest or consider how you might need to change your routine to accommodate new activities that support your wellbeing. The Full Moon on the 7th of March is connecting you to your intuition and you might find you have crazy, prophetic dreams around this time. There is a lot that is being processed for you in your energy body (which lives on top and around your physical body). As such you might find the days lead up to this Full Moon exhausting and a time to simply chill. When Aries season starts on the 21st of March, you’re being called home to the world of relationships and partnerships. It’s time for you to shine and use your natural ability to understand what is fair as a means to harness the energy of this season. The New Moon on the 22nd of March is the perfect time to lay intentions around new relationship or the deepening of commitment in an existing one. Finally, Pluto will enter Aquarius on the 23rd stirring up old childhood energy and calling for you to tap into more of your self-expression – finding freedom in simply being you (which is a radical act).


Oct 23 - Nov 21
If you’ve been feeling fire and passion running through your blood then you know you’re in time with the cosmos. Pisces Season has been calling for you to embody more of your unique self-expression as well as dive deep (which is your speciality) into the shadows that lie around your childhood that limited this ability to truly be you - that might have been because of the expectations or rejection of a parent. Trust that the beginning of this month is helping you to cleanse old energy so that a new way of being can emerge. The Full Moon on the 7th of March, lights up your friendships and social groups. You might find yourself running into new connections and even considering how you serve those closest to you. Is it from a place of not feeling good enough or from a place of love for them + yourself? Saturn will shift into Pisces on the 8th of March which spells a long transit (around 2.5 years) of letting go of your identity (particularly the ways in which you try to fit in with others) and embracing more of your truth (which can push you outside of the mainstream). As Aries Season kicks off on the 21st of March, it’s time to consider your own health and wellbeing. This is an energy that is highlighting where you need to slow down and give to yourself. The New Moon on the 22nd, is the perfect time to lay new intentions around how you treat your body, and if you have any lingering illness or discomfort to give it over the universe to help you resolve this (or bring someone to you who can support you). Finally your ruling planet Pluto will enter Aquarius on the 23rd of March, creating waves of transformation. Over the next 20 years it will be calling you to look at how you live, and where you are ready to embrace more truth in your home, family + relationships (particularly with your mother or maternal figure).


Nov 22 - Dec 21
The energy can feel a little muted as you enter March. You might find yourself wanting to stay at home or even embracing more of your introverted side. This will change when the Sun enters Aries (a fellow fire sign) on the 21st of March. This shift will have you appreciating the rest that early March brought with it, as it can feel like a fire has been lit underneath you. However before you get there, the Full Moon on the 7th of March is bringing to light new energy around your career + work. If you’ve been looking to move or for a change in your role, this Full Moon can help give you the necessary boost to achieve this. It’s a moon not to overthink things, but to use your natural optimism to navigate the situation that presents itself. Moving from a place of trust and deep knowing that the universe is always looking out for you. Your ruling planet will move into perfect alignment with Chiron on the 12th of March, spelling a time of healing and seeing the direction of your life from a higher mind. It can feel a little unconformable as this happens, but know it is an energy that works best when you’re curious and open-minded. If there’s any physical healing you need to do, this is the perfect energy for surgery or alternative therapies that work on the body. The New Moon on the 22nd of March continues on this theme and is calling for you to lay intentions around your wellbeing + getting you to consider how you might need to shift you day-to-day routine in order to accommodate more time for yourself. Finally on the 23rd of March Pluto will enter Aquarius, marking a period up until June where transformational conversations and messages will be coming in. It’s time for you to also consider where you are ready to speak your truth – even if it annoys other people around you.


Dec 22 - Jan 19
The start of March has you needing to trust your intuition and to even get comfortable with not having a solid answer in how to move forward. This won’t be for much longer as a shift is coming when your ruling planet Saturn enters Pisces on the 8th of March. This can feel as if there is clarity coming to what has seemed unstructured, uncertain and even mystical. It’s like a torch being shone through an early misty morning. The Virgo Full Moon which happens the day before (on the 7th) is a lucky Moon for you. It’s calling for you to step into a new understanding of your abundance, and can see you heading overseas, starting a new course of learning or opening yourself up to a new mindset. It is expansive and it can challenge the more controlling side of your personality. A couple of days later on the 12th of March, your attention will be drawn to your home life and you might find there is work to do on your home (literally) or on the relationships that you have with family members (particularly if any member of your family is currently sick there can be news of healing). When Aries season starts on the 21st of March you’re being called home into yourself. This can manifest as wanting to spend time in contemplation, in physically being at home or finding yourself feeling at home by simply being. If there’s a change you wish to make in how you live, use the New Moon on the 22nd of March to help bring this about by simply laying intentions. Finally, Pluto will move into Aquarius on the 23rd of March stirring up your rebellious spirit and encouraging you to value yourself in a new way.


Jan 20 - Feb 18
You might notice within you a sense that big change is on the horizon and it is. It can feel a little like you’re waiting for this to take shape, but as the 23rd of March comes around and Pluto moves into Aquarius, it’s time to dive. You’ll notice around the energy of rebellion, revolution and brave new ideas. It’s your time to shine and to awaken more of this energy within you. Before you get to the end of the month there is a Full Moon on the 7th which is calling for you to focus on your health, wellbeing and how you serve those around you. It’s calling to light old programming that has you moving to the point of burn out in order to please those around you. It’s time to let this go and awaken within you a new relationship with your body. As Aries Season kicks off on the 21st of March, this spells a month dedicated to communication and having those necessary conversations that you might have been putting off. You can expect to hear news, and have people come into your life that can stir up some conflict and ultimately help you step further into your truth – allowing your voice to be heard. The New Moon on the 22nd of March offers you a beautiful portal to lay down intentions around how you want to show up in these conversations and is helping you to clear out old energy that has had to holding back from being heard.


Feb 19 - Mar 20
The start of this month continues the energy from late last month which is opening you up to a new chapter in your life and a new sense of direction. If you still feel some uneasiness around this the 8th of March will bring some much needed clarity as Saturn enters your home sign. This can kick off a new cycle around work, finding structure and even feeling more definitive in how you show up in your life. The Full Moon on the 7th of March shifts your attention to relationships. It’s bringing to light energy around how you serve those that are closest to you, and even how you might be putting yourself second. It’s time to listen to your body, and give yourself the space to grow within your partnership(s). You’ll find your dreams and intuition turning up even more around the 16th of March, as the Sun and Neptune meet. This energy should have you feeling at home and can be intensely spiritual. Aries Season kicks off with the Equinox on the 21st of March, which shifts your focus to money, possessions and your own sense of worthiness. This can feel a little challenging, as it is encouraging you to act and have confidence in moving forward. If you notice there’s some work for you to do here, use the New Moon on the 22nd to help you lay intentions with the universe around where you need help. Finally Pluto will be move into Aquarius on the 23rd of March calling for you to consider what ancestral energy you are ready to release as well as what old thoughts + beliefs you have been carrying that are weighing you down. It is a transit that will bring you a greater sense of freedom and bring you into closer contact with your own spirituality.

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