LEOPARD ATTACK! (& how to wear 1 shirt 3 ways)

LEOPARD ATTACK! (& how to wear 1 shirt 3 ways)

It’s no secret that I love leopard but it is a secret just how much I love it…and I mean cost per wear love it. To a reader it seems like bloggers have an endless supply of clothes and only wear them once before rocking something new and fresh. Well let me reassure you that this is not entirely true! In my blog lyf I do wear an ever changing array of clothes because editing and curating the best of the season is what I do… but privately I am that person who will want to wear brand new shoes to bed (because they are like, so amazing that I stare at them like they are Mona Lisa) , who will wear a favourite leather jacket for two weeks because it goes with everything, or in this instance, who will wear a brand new spotty purchase so much that friends will start taking pity on me and offering me free lunch. I get completely obsessed with pieces that I love and wear them all the time for a while. They make me so happy so why not? (not to mention making the dry cleaning bill a lot lighter).. I took this opportunity to show you just how I’ve been wearing my new Equipment shirt everywhere. I hope it inspires you to look at your new (and old!) purchases through fresh eyes …all it takes is a little twist and they take a whole new lease on life! In this case, well, who says that leopard can’t go from breakfast to boardroom to club? It’s basically a neutral!
I have loved my Miu Miu denim pencil skirt for a while now. It fits like a glove but covers up everything, making it perfect for a work meeting. The long, lean pencil skirt trend has continued into this season – there is something sexy about the way it alludes to the body underneath. Adding the Equipment shirt (from Belinda ) livens up the denim and gives it an edge (Persol sunglasses, Louis Vuitton bag)
Making the transition from work to play? No sweat! Just add a leather mini skirt and strappy black sandals and you are ready for the night! (Equipment shirt,Eska Alikai leather mini skirt,Hermes bracelet,Celine bag, Aquazzura sandals )
I love late,lazy weekend brunches around Bondi where I live. This outfit is something I have been rocking for a while (um, if you’ve already seen me around wearing it, well spoiler alert ,you probably will again ) It is just comfy, a little loud and a whole lot of relaxed. ( Equipment shirt, One Teaspoon shorts, vintage Gucci belt from Ebay, Minnetonka boots, Jerome Dreyfuss clutch, Sheriff & Cherry sunglasses)

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LEOPARD ATTACK! (& how to wear 1 shirt 3 ways)