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Ryan Storer is a jeweller who has in a few short seasons captured the sparkly hearts of women everywhere. His earpieces and earrings are sublimely beautiful, reminding me of old school vintage Weiss pieces but with a whole lot more modern grunt and sexiness. Having collaborated with Sass & Bide, Dion Lee and Emma Mulholland , Ryan carved out his own cool crystal niche that shows no sign of abating …instead it is turning into a full blown mayhem, with pieces being sold out like hotcakes within hours of hitting the shelves. I shot some of Ryan’s pieces a few weeks ago and decided to ask the jeweller with the magic touch a few questions…
TG: How did you become interested in jewellery? Was it something you were fascinated with as a child?
RS:It was always there, I became very interested in trips to my uncles factory (Fashion Accessories) and was always interested in the process more than the end result and spent a lot of my time helping the staff there rather than colouring.
TG: Who do you have in mind when you design?
RS: It changes all the time.
TG: If you could be reincarnated in any era, which would it be and why?
RS: I would have to say 3014 hopefully the world wised up and there would still be a beautiful planet to visit…..
TG: What was the most influential music of your youth and why?
RS: Ha, Whitney Houston ,the Album Whitney Houston!  It reminds me of my mothers dinner parties in the mid 80’s.
TG:What are you obsessed with right now?
TG: You collaborated with Browns recently, tell me a little bit about that?
RS: Browns has been such a support to my brand, they are very responsive to the industry which is how I like to work. I’m planning some exciting things with them for the next collection. I  like being able to adapt to different markets in different ways.
TG:Tell me about the inspiration behind your latest collection
RS: The latest collection is based around Saturn’s rings & moons. I wanted to use pearls that seemed to float on metal banding like the rings of Saturn… I saw some imagery and became a little bit obsessed… I feel like I could now teach a Primary school class all about Saturn and its moons!
TG: I loved your jewellery for Dion Lee’s NYC show. How did you seek to compliment his clothes?
RS: It was a strangely easy process…. We met on a Saturday, chatted  and  then I showed him some references of the new collection and it just worked, I think the clean lines of the jewellery was what made it seamless and we just tweaked a few styles to make it perfect…
TG: What do you love doing in Sydney? What are your spots?
RS: Im mostly in my Studio ,which admittedly I love…if not here I’m usually having a drink at home or at a friends house.
TG: What’s next for Ryan Storer?
RS:An introduction to Leather goods starting with an exciting international collaboration.
Check out Ryan’s gorgeous jewellery here !

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