Girls of fashion week : Sophie Lowe

Girls of fashion week : Sophie Lowe

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While sipping on a glass of bubbly i had a brief chat with the beautiful actress Sophie Lowe
TG:Hi Sophie!
SL: Hi!
TG:Tell me is this your first Australian fashion week?
SL: Well this is the first fashion week i’ve really got into.I went to fashion week 2 years ago,my first show ever i was in the front row and it was really,really cool..but this time i’m in Sydney so i’m gonna go to as many as i can!
TG:And when do you think you first realized you were into fashion?
SL:Oh gosh..I think it was in school, i was experimenting with all these things and i found this old shirt of my dad’s and i was like-i love this! So i cut it up , it was all worn out and i’m like : this is cool,i don’t know something clicked and i was like-that’s it i love fashion! And my mum is really fashionable too so i think i get it from her..
TG:Did you ever go through a weird style stage? I went through an awkward punk stage at 13 and wore way too much pale make-up, now when i look at the pictures ,i’m like eeewww…
SL: Oh yeah! I went through a weird stage, my hair was too short,all dyed different colours,black nails..a weird emo stage!
TG: What is your lust item right now?
SL: Hmmm…There is this Acne suit, it’s blue and i wore it on a shoot for Oyster magazine,their online thing, it was amazing it was made for me.
TG: And who are you looking forward to seeing?
SL: I’m excited for Fernando Frisoni and Josh Goot-two of my favourites.
TG: Thanks Sophie!


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Girls of fashion week : Sophie Lowe