December 18, 2013


Summertime is all about colour for me - the brighter the better.Just as nature is exploding in frangipanis, hibiscus flowers, peonies and roses, so does my inner chromophile ( sorry English grammar, I think I just invented that word & I'm just gonna go with it). All of a sudden, dark shades seem drab and depressing and flouro and intense vibrant hues make me feel electric. Not to mention how good a tan looks against all that intense pigment. In my second Xmas Sunglass Hut wishlist place are these super fly Ray Ban sunglasses..because they have everything going for them :

a) totally on trend
b) suitably reflective for post Xmas party exhaustion
c) hued an incredible tone of orange crush
d) they even fold up for compact storage!

TOP: Josh Goot X Taubmans
SKIRT: Ellery
SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban from Sunglass Hut
SHOES: Balenciaga
BAG: Alexander Wang




PHOTOGRAPHER: Sonny Vandevelde

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