with Pippa Kate
Pippa Kate is an astrologist and mythologist. She believes that we are all aspects of the universe being made aware of itself and blends astrology + mythology as a means of understanding this physical manifestation from our personalities, through to relationships, careers and key lessons on our paths.

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Read for you Ascendant, Sun and Moon.
Last month was huge, and so April (at least the first half) brings a much needed respite – a time to catch your breath, process what has been showing up for you, integrate the energy and even find some much needed medicine in the woundings that have surface during March. Later this month we have an eclipse season (which will start on the 20th of April) and Mercury Retrograde (on the 21st). That might sound ominous, but really these are necessary energies helping you to cleanse and awaken to a new understanding of yourself (on the back of last month). Think of it like a much needed detox and a time to rest.


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