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Pippa Kate is an astrologist and mythologist. She believes that we are all aspects of the universe being made aware of itself and blends astrology + mythology as a means of understanding this physical manifestation from our personalities, through to relationships, careers and key lessons on our paths.
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Read for you Ascendant, Sun and Moon.
Last month was huge, and so April (at least the first half) brings a much needed respite – a time to catch your breath, process what has been showing up for you, integrate the energy and even find some much needed medicine in the woundings that have surface during March. Later this month we have an eclipse season (which will start on the 20th of April) and Mercury Retrograde (on the 21st). That might sound ominous, but really these are necessary energies helping you to cleanse and awaken to a new understanding of yourself (on the back of last month). Think of it like a much needed detox and a time to rest.


Mar 21 - Apr 19

Cancer season is calling you home to yourself. That can manifest as shifts, on the physical plane, in how you live or who you live with. However this energy is so much bigger than that. It’s about cultivating compassion and greater love for yourself. If this is an area you wish to work on in your life, use the Cancer New Moon on the 18th of July to lay those intentions. Now before we get there, the Capricorn Full Moon peaks on the 3rd of July, things can feel really intense when it comes to your work and sense of responsibility. Know that this Full Moon is calling to light old patriarchal programming that has you striving to do more, to prove yourself and gain status (even in the most subconscious of ways). The lesson here is to remember there is no where to get in this life. In fact life is more a process of unlearning, and losing the strong attachment to your identity. What is really big for you during this month is coming from the 13th of July, when the North Node – which represents your life’s direction or Dharma – moves into Aries. It can feel like you are being swept off your feet, and encouraged to let go. To allow that Aries nature which is independent, motivated, and warrior-like to get stronger and lead you closer to your destiny. This energy will be at play for the next 18 months. Finally when the Sun enters Leo on the 23rd of July, it is time to party. To get creative, expressive and embrace your inner child that just wants to follow it’s passion + live in the moment. This fiery energy should have you feeling yourself again after Cancer Season.


Apr 20 - May 20

July is a massive month for you – maybe you’ve been feeling it build. It opens with the Capricorn Full Moon which can feel a little uncomfortable. This is a Moon that is demanding you expand, find more freedom in your life and accept more of your abundance whilst balancing the deep sense of responsibility that lives within you. You might find yourself travelling overseas, studying something new or teaching others (formally or informally) as a part of this energy. Know this is all designed to crack you open. Now, the 13th of July, is a date to put in your diary. This spells the start of a new 18 months cycle related to your health, and your spirituality. It is calling for you to dive deeper into your beliefs, to consider what you are ready to release or what ingrained, ancestral programming you are ready to bring to a close. It also looks like the coming 18 months will see you considering your health in a new light both mentally + physically. The Cancer New Moon on the 18th of June can have your voice feeling a little strange, particularly if there is something you have left unsaid. Use this energy to speak up, to have necessary conversations and let your emotions be heard (by yourself or with whoever is ready to witness them). Finally, your ruling planet Venus will station retrograde just after this New Moon on the 23rd. This is a call for you to bring forth what you keep hidden within you. That is the darker aspects of your feminine energy that are incredibly powerful but you’ve been taught to hide. Think your anger, your sense of injustice, the ways you dim your light, or fear really expressing yourself to the world. This Venus Retrograde, which will last until the 4th of September, can have you wanting to spend more time by yourself and in that silence understanding who you truly are – underneath all the programming you are wearing


May 21 - Jun 20

This start of this month is incredibly transformational for you. It can feel like you are in the midst of a rebirth – reconsidering what you value, what you are worth and what old programming is holding you back. As the Capricorn Full Moon illuminates the sky’s on the 3rd of July, it can feel like you are in rebirth mode. This Moon can bring to the surface the ways in which you are controlled by others and you in turn control those around you. It’s a reminder that the world is a mirror to the self (and can be incredibly confronting). On the 13th of July, the North Node (which represents your Dharma or Soul Purpose) will move into Aries for the next 18 months. This represents a new cycle for you around your friendships, social groups as well as a time of awakening within you more passion, creativity and self-expression (without getting hung up on the opinions of others). If you’ve been having any issues with money or finances…or even considering making a big purchase like a house or car, then the Cancer New Moon on the 18th of July is the perfect time to lay down these intentions or even make the leap. It is supportive of you and your relationship with the material world. Just after the New Moon, Venus will station retrograde until Early September. This is a time where the universe is calling for you to focus on how you speak from a place of deeper authenticity. It’s time to embrace the idea that your words hold incredible power and they create your reality. The Sun will move into Leo in time with the Venus Retrograde, which further grows this energy that is wanting you to use your voice in a more authentic and even creative way. This isn’t about being too serious though, it's about playing with the power that you hold within you.


Jun 21 - Jul 22

Welcome to your Birthday Season. The start of this month should have you feeling right at home in the natural flow and emotion of being a Cancer. This will be intensified by the Capricorn Full Moon on the 3rd of July, which is bringing to light relationships (particularly intimate and business). It is calling for you to clean up the places where you have given your power away in these partnerships. Added to that you might find that you start to notice the ways you are controlled by others. This Full Moon is letting you know it’s time to put a stop to that. As the 13th of July rolls around, a new 18 months cycle is opening up for you when it comes to your soul purpose and karma. It can truly feel like destiny is at play, particularly when it comes to your work and your home life. In fact this spells a massive transformation in both of these areas, as it calls for you to grow in self-awareness and consider what is truly honouring you. Just because you engaged with something in the past at a different vibration doesn’t mean it still serves you. The Cancer New Moon on the 18th, is the perfect time to lay intentions for the coming year. If there’s a new direction you want to follow, a different relationship with your body you want to embrace or even just the need for more motivation – this is the New Moon to ask for it. Remember you are always in co-creation with the universe (which is your higher-self). Finally, Venus will station retrograde on the 23rd of July which is drawing your attention to your sense of self-worth. Over the 42 days of this cycle, it’s time to consider where you have been systematically undervaluing yourself and how this needs to change.


Jul 23 - Aug 22

This month is one of endings and beginnings. You’re being reminded that the universe needs space for the new to come in. As such up until the 23rd of July, it can feel like you are purging from your life what no longer serves you. Know that this is necessary and even if it feels emotional + a little hard what is coming will blow you away. When Leo Season starts on the 23rd, it will open you up to a month of new directions, new relationships and you being the centre of attention in whatever it is you are pursuing – be careful to not let your ego run away with this. Maybe consider how you can shine your light in such a way that it encourages others to do the same. The Capricorn Full Moon on the 3rd of July is drawing you attention to your health and wellbeing. This is a time to slow down and ensure that you have everything in check before you move forward. The 13th of July marks the start of a new cycle for you. It can feel like you are finally understanding how abundant you are. There is a sense of optimism that is being ignited within you, but it requires you to speak up (particularly to those where you feel you have given more than received…and any other place in your life that feel out of balance). The end of the month is all about you. Firstly, Venus will station retrograde in your sign on the 18th of July. This is a time of considering what you have been attracting in your life and if it has been a vibrational match. This is a time to see where your ego is at play in relationships, and start to work through old patterns around love – as there is a new cycle starting when it comes to love around the 4th of September.


Aug 23 - Sep 22

This is a month calling for you to open up to more passion, creativity and self-expression…which can hold deep conflict with that part of you that wants to be perfect and strives for a level of order which is unparalleled. As the Capricorn Full Moon rises on the 3rd of July, there is energy from your childhood being brought to light, particularly the programming you took on to be ideal, controlled and perfect. It’s time for you to see how this limits your creative essence. Your inner child is calling for you to allow them to be a little messy and chaotic. Use this Full Moon to get a little bit more loose and stop placing such heavy expectations upon yourself. This month will heat up on the 13th of July when the North and South Nodes (which represents you Dharma and Karma) move into Aries and Libra respectively. This starts 18 months of incredible transformation. The universe is asking for you to get comfortable in your own leaderships abilities and to start something new which is totally transformational… even if you have no idea where it will lead. This is all an exercise in trusting the universe. Added to that if you’ve been having issues around money and finances, this cycle will help you get to the bottom of what this is about and why it is a repeating issue. On the 18th of July, Venus will station retrograde for 42 days. This is a time when you are encouraged to look at what you have been attracting into your life that no longer serves you and is coming from a place of deep wounding. As the Sun enters Leo on the 23rd of July, this message of letting go will get stronger. As this will be a season where you are called to look at what thoughts, behaviours, relationships, motivations etc you are ready to release…in preparation for the new energy which will enter your life with your birthday season next month.


Sep 23 - Oct 22

If it’s been feeling like rebirth is on the horizon this whole year, know that this month is bringing it to fruition. It’s time for you to peel back the layers of wounding and programming you’ve been wearing that have kept you bottling up emotion, striving for relationships to keep you distracted and ignoring the path that is waiting for you – it’s literally front of you. As the North Node moves into Aries on the 13th of July, the universe is pushing your onto a new path. This coming 18 months is about embracing more of your independence, and listening to the direction that you know you were born to walk. You might also find there is a lot of karma that is being balanced in intimate and close relationships. Now, before you get there, the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 3rd of July is calling to light a new relationship with how you live. That might even extend as far as a new home, a new housemate or even a coming home to yourself. The energy of this month will shift as the Sun enters Leo on the 23rd of July, and this will fall in time with Venus retrograde. As such your awareness is being drawn to your friendships, social groups and how you ‘fit in’. You might find yourself feeling a little bit more rebellious than normal, and wanting to break unnecessary rules that keep you from standing in your truth. This is a season that can also bring with it new relationships and soul connections, if there is space.


Oct 23 - Nov 21

The first half of this month is one of expansion, exploration and being called to travel – either physically or within yourself to a new realm of consciousness. As the Capricorn Full Moon hits on the 3rd of July, it’s time for you to speak up, particularly if you’ve been biting your tongue. This Full Moon will show you that you have been reading a situation correctly, and now it’s time to call your power back – and use your voice to say what is long overdue. There is incredibly power in your doing this. The 13th of July brings a big shift in energy, as the North Node (which represents your Soul Purpose) enters Aries. This spells 18 months of intense focus on your health, your wellbeing and how you serve the world around you. In fact it can feel like a spiritual initiation of sorts, where you are starting to embrace more of the unseen world that you naturally know is there. The Cancer New Moon on the 18th of July is the luckiest New Moon for you this year. Use it to boldly ask the universe for help with a dream – even if it feels beyond your reach. As the Sun moves into Leo on the 23rd of July, Venus will also station retrograde. As such this is a time where you might feel like you want to just retreat and close yourself off from the world. Really what is happening is the universe is getting you to draw inward and get to know that vivid inner life that is reflected in the external world. This is a time for meditation, for ancestral work and renewing your faith in the divine.


Nov 22 - Dec 21

If it feels like you are in your own personal underworld at the moment, know that this is the opportunity for you to step into greater self-love and acceptance. It’s only by understanding the childhood programming and karmic imprints that still run your life day-to-day, can you come to place of deep peace – knowing you are not this. As the Capricorn Full Moon peaks on the 3rd of July, you are bringing to light a new relationship with your sense of self-worth and that can manifest externally in your relationship with money. This is the perfect Full Moon to remember just how valuable you are. As the North Node – which represents your Soul Purpose – moves into Aries on the 13th of July for an 18 month stint it can feel like your sense of wonder, optimism and spark is returning. If the last year and a half has felt a little heavy and like you’ve been sweeping a lot of necessary energy out of your life – the coming year and half should feel a lot more comfortable. This is a transit calling your attention to your friendships, your social groups, your creativity and your self-expression. It’s a time to allow yourself to shine even brighter. The Sun moves into Leo on the 23rd, and Venus also stations retrograde on this day. This marks your entry out of the underworld of the last month, and into a place that feels much more like home. This is a season to be optimistic, to travel, to study, to learn and allow yourself to fully be. You have so much light to share with the world. Keep blazing!


Dec 22 - Jan 19

This month starts with a Full Moon in your home sign. So this can feel like a new chapter in your book being opened, which can manifest as a shift in your direction, an awakening of a new sense of motivation and even a time of really getting more comfortable in your skin. You’re naturally very responsible and this Moon asks you to make sure that you’re not taking on the burden of others because of this natural calling. The big date to circle in your diary is the 13th of July, when a new 18 month cycle of destiny is opening up in your chart as the North Node (which represents your soul purpose) moves into Aries. This can see you moving homes, rethinking how you want to live, and even starting to feel at home within yourself. This shift can also see you processing karmic energy around your career and work – and awakening to more of your soul gifts in this area. The Cancer New Moon on the 18th of July is an invitation for you to lay intentions around relationships and intimate partnerships. If this is an area of your life you want to play with or manifest within – use this New Moon to ask for what you want – it might not come straight away but over the next year and half you will feel things develop. The Sun enters Leo and Venus stations retrograde on the 23rd. This marks a time of great transformation and lifting of old programming that has been dominating what you call to you in this life. It’s time to clean this up, and get clear on what you want. Expect the later part of this month to challenge the ego and bring you deeper into connection with the greater truths that lie within you.


Jan 20 - Feb 18

This is a season calling for you to focus on your health. It’s time to consider whether your current daily routine is supporting you mentally, physically and spiritually. If not, keep your eyes open to nudges from the universe that can help you incorporate greater wellbeing into your day-to-day life. The Capricorn Full Moon on the 3rd, is drawing your attention to all that cannot be seen. In fact you might find that secrets and things that have been kept undercover are forced to come to light at this time. Added to that your dream life will be off the charts. Some of it might be prophetic so pay attention (maybe even keep a dream journal). The big date to watch out for this month is the 13th of July, when the North Node (which represents your soul purpose) moves into Aries for the next 18 months. This will spell a period where you are called to speak up, to write down what is important and share that with those around you (and maybe even the world). This transit will challenge your sense of adventure and calls for you to let go of the places where you doubt your own abundance. As Leo season starts of the 23rd of July (which is also when Venus will stations retrograde) it’s time for you to think about relationships – both business and intimate – and consider what you want to call into your life in this area. That is not to say it’s all serious, in fact Leo is encouraging you to get passionate, to follow the things that thrill you and provide you with a sense of joy. Life is incredible when you believe it is.


Feb 19 - Mar 20

The beginning of this month is encouraging you to find joy and really tap into the passion of your inner child. If it feels like you can’t quite get anything done, then take a moment and simply enjoy life as it presents itself to you. There are times to be productive and there are times to rest – this is one encouraging you to not place expectations upon yourself of being ‘productive’. The Capricorn Full Moon on the 3rd of July will shed light on your friendships and on any social work you are doing to better the world. This Moon can bring forth new soul mates and new opportunities to help society as a whole. The North and South Nodes – which represent your Soul Gifts, Soul Purpose and Karma – move into Aries and Libra (respectively) on the 13th of July, calling forth a new 18 month cycle when it comes to your destiny. This energy is firmly focused on your sense of self-worth, your relationship with money and the programming you have taken on which distorts both of these things. Expect the coming 18 months to help you clean up any issues with finances, as well as call for you to really understand your own value. As the Cancer New Moon approaches on the 18th of July, it invites you to play, to get creative and even use your creativity to lay intentions around your self-expression. This is a New Moon asking for you to remember your innocence and listen to what it has to tell you. Venus will station retrograde, right as Leo season starts on the 23rd of July. This is a time calling for you to focus on your health and if you’ve been feeling burnt out at all to take some time to rest and recover. It’s ok to put yourself first, as your cup need to be full so you can serve the world around you.


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