Sydney has been bathed in sunshine lately. The streets, beaches and vistas are simply glowing . It is time to plant sunglasses firmly on the head and welcome summer's heat. After working like a fiend so I can relax when holidays kick off, I'm starting to ease into a bit of a more relaxed schedule that involves daytime meetings and afternoon swims at Bondi beach. The city seems to be going mad - rush hour is busier than ever, holiday decorations scream their jolly messages, people are freaking out about Christmas being only a week away , ordering turkeys and prawns, getting presents and Christmas trees yet the beach is the most beautiful and serene now, whilst people are so preoccupied with end of year pressures.

Taking it easy is not an option now though - there is just so much to do, buy, see! White outfits, however, are always an option in the summer but sometimes I like to use a few coloured accessories to pop against it, like these amazing Miu Miu sunglasses. I had a stroll through the new Sunglass Hut flagship store in the city the other day and noted a few pairs that made it to the "hint hint" Christmas shopping wish list - because unlike perfumes, sunglasses are an intrinsic part of any summer get up.

TOP & SKIRT : Bec & Bridge
SUNGLASSES : Miu Miu from Sunglass Hut
BAG : Rachel Ruddick
RINGS : Karen Walker
SHOES : Michael Kors





Photographer: Sonny Vandevelde


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