Lindy wears Rama Voyage, Valet earrings and Cartier bracelet

Lindy Klim is a style icon, a businesswoman, mother of four and a Balinese princess. Secretly, she is also hilariously funny, Sagittariusly honest to a fault, disarmingly open and a dear friend I have loved for a decade. I met Lindy when I was with my ex partner and she was with hers - we hung out as couples at first but as our individual relationships and lives took on similar arcs, we became each other's confidantes, advisors and travel buddies. Now Lindy has two new babies; a little girl called Goldie and Rama Voyage; a new label that exudes relaxed linen chic in her signature style- a blend of elegant tailoring and je ne sais quoi ease. I caught up with Lindy to chat about life, love and her new label...

How is Goldie? And how do you juggle 4 children ? I struggle with work and just 1 !

Goldie is divine.. I am so in love with her. It’s a little bit of a shock to the system going back to the newborn stage but I am super lucky to have an amazing partner. The constant juggle with kids and work is never ending.. I think it’s important that my children see me work hard but it’s so hard to leave them at home. Sometimes it can even be a week at a time, that can be really difficult. I am so fortunate that I have a partner that helps out and having a strong support team with babysitters etc is important.

We met when we were both with our ex partners and went through our break ups at exactly the same time. I was lucky that mine played out out of the prying eyes of the press but you had to go through it all feeling exposed. I remember you found some unsavoury stuff out directly from the gossip mill. How do you deal with the incessant need of the press to know every detail of your private life? Unlike many people I know in your position, you have been able to keep yourself trusting and open. Do you feel like people take advantage of this?

It’s been an extremely difficult time of my life.. i actually don’t think people understand unless they have been through divorce! I try to be honest at all times and I think my honesty and realness is what people like about me. I have found it very hard to keep quiet on many things when all I want to do is yell at the top of my lungs! I feel that in many ways when you are dealing with a person with a difficult personality any small thing can become a problem. You have to pick and choose your battles. I have a really great group of friends (you included) that I trust will all my heart and are thankful everyday that I have their support.


Lindy wears Rama Voyage, Reliquia earrings and Cartier bracelet

Now that you have had a partnership and children with someone and that did not work out long term, what advice would you give your younger self about love, commitment and starting a family?

To know your shit!! I wish I was across everything.. I will NEVER sign anything ever again even if my future husband, mother, or closest friends tell me to.. I will always get advice first. For many years I buried my head in the sand about a lot of things especially things I find difficult such as finance.

You obviously still believe in love and whenever I see you with Adam, I am so happy for you both. Has the definition of love changed for you?

I didn’t think I would love again... I was so badly hurt and didn’t think it was possible. BUT then I found Adam and the love he has for the children and I has made me believe in love again.

You became a successful entrepreneur with the skincare label Milk. How much of that company did you mould?

When I start a business I put my heart into it. I love finding ideas and bringing them into life. The little touches that give it a soul. I think all entrepreneurs have passion for what they do in common

You now have a new label called Rama Voyage that I adore. Tell me a bit about your new label.

I have always loved foreign travel- it feels so exotic. I wish I could go back in time to when travel really felt like exploring! When you lived out of a trunk and every meal was an occasion to be dressed fantastically! I would keep a diary of my dazzling thoughts and read volumes of books and paint as I gaze out at some dramatic scenery unfolding before me (laughs). It seems such a romantic idea for today’s fast pace living. Where all too often foreign travel is a holiday spent trying to sleep or keep the kids on the go. This form of travel had it own style which I love. The journey was the destination and all the experiences along the way were the intrigue. I was inspired to create a label that catered for this spirit. It is destination wear, it’s fabulous and I love it.


Lindy wears Rama Voyage and Reliqua jewellery

Everyone thinks that I’m high maintenance and is always surprised that I really don’t do that much to maintain my appearance. However, compared to you I’m Mariah Carey. I am always amazed how incredible you look with just a few things in your make up bag. Tell me how you preserve your sanity, fabulous form and youthfulness.

(laughs) You crack me up! You take FOREVER to get ready.. I admit most of the time you finish off your makeup in the car but we still manage to be late to most events! I just think less is more for me.. if I wear too much makeup I look like I’m about to go to a Balinese ceremony, and my hair is a nightmare as it’s so think so I just tie it up! I had however noticed my skin getting very dry but now I am a La Mer ambassador that problem as stoped.

You’re a genuine Balinese princess, yet you are down to earth and nonplussed about it. What are the protocols of that in Bali and do people adhere to them? 

Yes this is true but as I say to most people what are the chances of being born in to royalty of a third world country!! Unlucky or lucky?? I guess it depends on how I look at it... money would be nice I guess but respect is worth everything in Bali.. I usually don’t tell local Balinese my real name as I don’t think I deserve the respect as I didn’t grow up in Bali and I don’t even speak the language fluently.

What have been your favourite countries and places to stay in and why?

I love Paris especially when you and I go together .. I feel like we have the most incredible time. I have also fallen in love with skiing in the French Alps.. Adam is an incredible skier and we have had the best time there.. it was one of our first trips together and will alway be one my fondest memories.

If you had to choose a life motto that most represented you what would it be?

It changes but right now it would be: Show up and be present.

Photographed by Tanja Gacic
Assisted by Eleni George


The decision to say yes to life is essentially taking a huge leap of faith. It screams impracticality in all it's scary and unpredictable glory versus staying in a secure existence full of comforting routine. Saying yes can upset the status quo and immeasurably change our life, yet people take these leaps of faith every day. Whether it’s quitting a job as a lawyer to start a patisserie, baring a bleeding heart to a crush or moving to Timbuktu, the most important decision made is to simply say yes to following our inner compass.

My 2015 New Year’s resolution was to do more things on my Bucket List. Travel is and has always been on the top of that pile, so my girlfriend and I decided to take a Thelma and Louise kinda road trip from Los Angeles to Big Sur, San Francisco,Yosemite, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree and back to L.A. Since this road trip was a shared dream and I was flying to L.A anyway for a Farfetch conference, the puzzle fell into place easily, but then, at the last minute, my friend was hit with pressing circumstances and had to cancel our trip. Now my plans were unhinged. Should I just go back to Sydney and give up my allocated holiday time or shall I drive alone for over a week through America ? Suddently, neither of these options seemed appealing yet I felt like I wanted to give the universe a chance to surprise me by saying yes to experiences, places and feelings that held the infinite potential of giving me a new perspective on the world.

When offered this collaboration with Armani Perfume for their fragrance Si, I looked up the campaign video featuring the gorgeous Kate Blanchet uttering in italian : Si to life, Si to us, Si to sun, Si to lightness, Si to seduction, Si to love, Si to freedom, Si to myself ” and it instantly struck a cord. We as women are full of contrasts; sometimes strong and sometimes sensitive, but also profound and frivolous, in turns passionate and unpredictable we turn on a dime and become soft and understanding. It is exactly this mercurial way women embody extremes that so frightened the patriarchy for thousands of years ; it is exactly this skullduggery that makes women such exciting, impossible creatures to contain in any sort of way.

Learning how to say yes to life is owning our strengths and choices, it means becoming responsible creators of our own destiny no matter where our dreams take us. Women had scarce choices even a few decades ago but we have reached tipping point in which we must say yes to nourishing ourselves so that we can say to yes  to nourishing others and the world.

This elegant perfume with it’s green notes of cassis and pachouli , florals of freesia and may rose and tones of vanilla and wood is the sort of mixture that itself contains contradictions yet they balance and compliment each other just like women's extremes balance each other to create uniqueness and beauty.

PS, as for my trip, I said Si to life and booked a solo trip to Mexica and Cuba. I leave tomorrow!

A life well lived requires time to absorb everything around us, beneath us and above us ( wearing Armani suit and shoes, )

The Armani intense bottle is an elegant representation of it's deep and seductive nature.

Don't be afraid to claim your inner power and be the boss lady of your life ( wearing an Armani top, pants and shoes, Mania Mania bracelet)

Every sunset is a gift to humanity for we can reflect and be grateful for the colours of the world





photographed by Alice Wesley- Smith


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