Last week, I was honoured by Vogue Australia and Croser as one of their Women of the Moment at a beautiful dinner held for us at The Atlantic restaurant in Melbourne. It was such an honour to be recognized by the peers that I admire while enjoying some vintage Croser sparkling wine, delicious seafood and the company of remarkable women. Big thank you to Croser, Edwina McCann for her kind and inspiring words and a fun night!

Below is a transcript of my interview originally published on

Vogue caught up with the model-turned-blogger to talk being chosen as one of Croser Wine’s Women of the Moment, celebrating and everything in between.

Who is the most remarkable woman you know and why?
The most remarkable woman I know is my mother. She survived cancer at 33, spearheaded our move from Europe to the Southern Hemisphere and rose to any challenge presented to her with her head held high – all whilst being the family’s main breadwinner.

What does it mean to you to be selected by Croser as one of their Women of the Moment?
It is completely humbling to be nominated - I feel incredibly honoured!

What does style mean to you?
To me style is more about being sartorially expressive of your own personality and learning to work with your own body, rather than following trends or purchasing high ticket items. I believe in experimentation and having fun.

What are three key pieces every woman should have in their wardrobe?
Gosh, only 3 items! This is a little hard, but right now: a great pair of jeans or leather leggings, a beautiful cashmere sweater and amazing pumps.

As a working Mother what advice would you have for other working mothers in terms of perfecting their style?
When your child is very little opt for beautiful, soft basics in good quality materials and neutral tones so you do not need to think too hard in the morning when you have baby brain and are trying to take care of what seems like the whole Universe. A pencil skirt, good flats, an elegant coat, a great knit, some silk shirts, a sharp blazer, soft denim and an amazing simple tote. Then, once your child grows up a little and can be a little more independent, start introducing more experimentation to your basic wardrobe template and playing around with structure, embellishments and trends.

What’s your biggest achievement to date?
My wonderful daughter Coco!

What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken in your career?
Leaving my 17 year modelling career to be a full time blogger

If a risky business move pays off and you have cause to celebrate how do you mark the occasion?
Usually it involves girlfriends, a trip away and some good sparkling wine!

What, to you, makes a moment worthy of celebrating?
Anything that benefits not only my life but the life of my family and friends, my community or planet Earth; that’s a lot of sparkling wine!

Do you have any tips for entertaining or celebrating?
Pre-prepare anything you possibly can – ideally you want to do most things the night before. I am a big fan of roasted, then marinated vegetables to be thrown in with some leaves for a salad, a Tiramisu or similarly pre-prepared dessert. Accept help from friends or hire it – the idea is to have fun and connect with people, not spend your time stressing!

What are some of your musts for a celebration to be successful?
Great friends, beautiful food, wine and a relaxed atmosphere.

Aside from being a successful blogger you’re also an astute business woman, what advice do you have for other women looking to start their own business?
Be willing to work very hard- you are trying to build something from the ground up. I often work all day, then come home to cook for the family and spend time with my daughter before getting back to work. It is important to me that the quality of my work reflects my brand and aesthetic – ultimately, the finished product is my responsibility. Be open to constructive criticism and experimentation. But most importantly always keep learning!


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