Could I be classified as a travel accessory hoarder? Possibly ; ) It all depends on your personal definition of what classifies as a travel essential. I have written a couple of these posts before - if you’ve read them, you’ll know that I take my onboard comfort seriously. Along with bringing along my water and drinking at least 1 litre per every 12 hour stretch, I always sanitize my hands after going to the bathroom with tea tree or some sort of natural hand anti-bacterial solution to cut out germ spread. If I really want to minimize jet-lag, I don’t drink any alcohol on the plane ( even though, having a couple of those little bottles of red and then watching movies whilst either laughing loudly or outwardly weeping is one of my favourite past times - ’ cause: all the feels ; ) ).

They say one drink on the ground is worth two in the air, so that explains a lot about feeling like a dog’s breakfast if I imbibe too much. I also don’t eat any reheated plane food if I fly economy because usually it is full of preservatives which make me feel tired once I reach the other end ( even though once in a while; the stodgy lasagna with wine is soooo good). It all depends on if I’m flying for work, where a day of crippling jet-lag isn’t an option or if I’m going on holidays where it doesn’t matter, but as a rule, I try to eat a big, healthy meal before I leave, then take with me a whole bag of snacks such as fruit, cut up veg, nuts, turkey or beef jerkey, kale chips, popcorn and dried seaweed. If I am doing a 24 hour flight, I will eat on my stopover- most airports these days have some healthy options like a salad, stir fry or grilled fish. I also bring along melatonin and try to sleep on my destination’s timeline– this greatly aids recovery time. 5grams of vitamin C, magnesium, Armaforce and vitamin b complex are a complete must – cause getting the dreaded cold is the pits.

As far as my current favourite cosmetics and accessories, aka: the fun stuff, read on!

From back to front:

-My TDE carry on bag is big enough to carry everything I need, whether it’s for a weekend getaway or stop over. In black leather with gold monogram it’s all about understated cool

-This Gucci tote has become my go to beach, city and travel bag . I keep all my documents , wallet and cosmetics in there so I can reach them fast

-A Neo-preen pouch is great for all my essentials. I use it for cosmetics or sometimes to store fragile things like my camera. I love how roomy it is

-Hourglass foundation and concealer in one hides a multitude of sins

-I’m really into natural skin care and this Sukin hand and nail cream is deeply moisturising

-Lepaar lip balm and face oil are another example of beautiful ,organic ingredients that truly work. This combo is so incredibly luxurious, it’s such a treat to use

-Charlotte Tilbury beach stick in Moonbeach adds just the right amount of pink so I look fresh on arrival

-Grown Alchemist : Hydra-Mist Desert Lime& Amino Peptide : a yummy smelling all natural face mist for those parched plane moments

-Ayu perfume: a blend of rose, jasmine, musk and sandalwood in a base of jojoba and traditional Ayurvedic herbs, this beautiful smelling oil is a deliciously natural blend of scents

-Elizabeth and James Nirvana– banish oily locks and arrive at your destination sporting great hair with this travel sized dry shampoo

-Iphone with TDE custom cover : shuddup they now do handwriting?

-Last but not least; my Silk Slip eye mask for sweet dreams


Comfort can be an elusive thing on planes but none the less it is the one thing we all seek in the experience. Along with the extra legroom, the window seat ,the glass (or three ) of red wine and new release movies that I inevitably boil my eyes to (what is it about planes that makes me extra emotional?) , I also have numerous little things I need to feel at home. No matter which class I am travelling, I want to feel cosy, moisturised, and well rested. Throughout my long career as a wagabond, I have experimented with various in flight essentials and these babies are my current must haves…


1.Coach tote: This pretty rose strewn tote is strong enough to carry my computer and other heavy duty items and colour match my monochrome outfits

2. Slip silk eyemask : Why would anyone want to put harsh nylon on their precious eyes when this cloud like eyemask exists in the world? It feels as soft as angel wings and in fact I take it everywhere -it’s a great back up to have in case your hotel doesn’t have blackout blinds. I feel as conditioned as Pavlov’s dogs these days because as soon as I put it on I feel sleepy. Zzzzzzz

3. Love and Strife natural perfume by Aromatika – this tiny little roll on perfume smells of Morrocco and is small enough to have as back up on long, stinky overnight flights

4. Kora Energising Citrus Mist: My pet hate is feeling parched on the plane. Spraying this on my face makes me feel like I am walking through an orange grove in light spring rain

5. Grown Alchemist Persian Rose and Argan Extract : I have this weird compulsion where I cannot have dry hands or lips while travelling by any means – it makes me irritable. Car, plain or train, I need my hands and lips to be soft. This rich hand cream is a must have.

6. Which brings us to Beauty Chef’s Beauty Fix balm : Sure, Carla Oates is sort of my sister in law, but this is not why I swear by this lip balm. Made from pure coconut and other organic ingredients it smells like a tropical holiday that is good enough to eat and great for your lips too.

7. Banjo & Mathilda cashmere pants : Talk about feeling cosy! These babies wrap you up in a 100% pure cashmere cacoon + are a sport luxe version of trakkie pants. Win win

8. Clinique’s cheek colour balm: A little rosy touch up on the other end goes a long way

9. Better You DLux vitamin D: vitamin D is so important in maintaining immunity -since flights out of Australia can be up to 30 hrs long, I take this little spray bottle with me to top up my vitamin D on the go ( Fpr immunity I also take 3000mg of vit C, 2000mg of Magnesium, some Armaforce and Whitania –both super adaptogens and immune boosters because there is no point getting there just to get sick )

10. SKII Facial Treatment Mask : If you don’t mind looking like a burns patient and don’t care about scaring small children, this SKII mask contains powerful pietera extracts to leave your skin in better condition than when you started the trip. Put on when the lights go down for sleep time and take off when you awake. Alternatively,put it on once you are at your hotel and all showered up & ready for a nap. Moisture surge guaranteed.

11. Anya Hindmarch travel pouch: Say goodbye to struggling with collecting all your toiletries and stuffing them in those annoying little plastic bags when going through luggage screening. This bag will hold all your essentials and you won’t need to take anything out – the clear windows are 100% customs friendly.

12. Ysl Babydoll mascara: Want to have wide awake eyes on the other end? Fluff them up with this golden wand.

13. Wot Not facial wipes : These are the most moisturising wipes I have ever tried and they contain all natural, organic ingredients such as aloe vera, rosehip and sweet almond oil. Deliciously good for your skin and handy for taking off make up or refreshing your face

14. Stila perfecting concealer: This concealer packs a punch and is your secret ally after tiring overnight trips. A little goes a long way so use sparingly.

15. Trilogy Rose Hip Oil: Another in the Ultimate Moisture Team. Good for everyday and the plane, this is my secret weapon for combating anti aging, dryness and imperfections.

16. Therapy Range Sleep pulse point : 100% natural aromatherapy oils of lavender and chamomile will make you irrisistible to Sand Man and beautifully relaxed. Say aaaaah!

17. Aesop Facial Hydrating cream is ultra rich and smells oh so delicious. Layer on post SKII mask and Rose Hip oil for ultimate in flight softness


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