Holiday Make Up Essentials

August 18, 2017

When I go on holidays I don't wear make up 95% of the time. I'd like to say it's because it's good to let the skin breathe ( it is ) but frankly, I just can't be bothered. Holidays should be all about being lazy so when I finally find myself on vacay being leisurely becomes my forte. I struggle to apply sunscreen that is next to me in a bag because stretching my arm out and reaching in for a rummage just seems SO HARD, so in extension putting on make up to make myself pretty just appears insurmountable like attempting to climb mount Everest in heels.

Still, here and there I DO make the effort, mostly because I'm going to a nice restaurant or meeting people so it's polite to hide the fact I turn into a salt encrusted wildebeest when I'm not working.

I have additionally now started condensing my packing because hopping through a lot of different countries with a lot of luggage is a major pain in the behind, one that my boyfriend no longer chooses to indulge me in carrying, so lacking a mule, I have given up on my hefty make up bag and now bring compact yet versatile essentials. All I need is just a few fantastically efficient things to accentuate the glow and bring back a semblance of polish. Who wants to look like they spent 2 hours getting ready post swimming anyway?

Clockwise From Top :

1.Mukti hydrating cleansing lotion and moisturiser: I'm a sucker for natural skincare and this one comes in small travel packages and smells delicious. Starting off clean and soft is always a good start,

2. Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in  Electric Poppy :I put some of this on my finger, than dab it onto my lips. It adds a nice pink bitten lip colour without going overboard but if I'm going out to a bar, I'll add a bit more for drama

3. Clinique Beyond Perfecting powder foundation + concealer : This foundation is easily transportable and provides great coverage. A little goes a long way so I use it around the eyes, nose and chin, like concealer and then leave the rest of the face bare. After all, tan makes my skin glow and I don't want to mask that

4. Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour Curvy Contour and Highlighter in Super Starlight  : What can I say? Whoever said contouring is dead obviously doesn't know what they're talking about. What should be clarified is that Kim Kardashian contouring is dead ( Why was it ever alive? Who wants to look like a wax doll IRL? ). Cheekbones will always be in fashion but they don't need some crazy amount of layered make up. Just make a light stripe with the contouring stick underneath the cheekbone and intermittedly tops of temples and the jawbone then quickly blend. Apply highlighter to the tops of cheekbones, nose, cupid's bow and chin. Blend. Follow with...

5. Estēe Lauder Genuine Glow: on cheekbones. Blend. The whole contouring and blush applying shouldn't take longer than 3 minutes. This is holiday make up, not TV make up guys. Let that skin shine through. FYI - This product is also great on lips for a natural , pink colour

6. Eyebrows are SO important. I always say; if you have to apply anything, it should be eyebrow pencil instead of mascara. I love Shu Uemura for it's slanted tip and nice brush tip

7. If I'm going out though, I do put mascara on. I layer it on according to how glam I want to look. I love the amazing Growth Booster Mascara Terribly by By Terry

8. Charlotte Tilbury does my favourite eyeshadows. The Legendary Muse compact is natural and sparkly; perfect for highlighting the inside of the eye and drawing attention to the face's glow. I don't like heavy eye make up on holidays so this is perfect

10. A spritz of Frederic Malle's Carlos Benaiim Eau de Magnolia makes me smell like a bloom of magnolias and like magic the wildebeest becomes a real girl! ( perfume from Mecca cosmetica )

Wearing Double Rainbuu T-shirt , From St Xavier bag

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