Why once you go hybrid, you'll never go back

Test driving the Toyota Camry Hybrid in a Michael Lo Sordo oversized suit and YSL bag

We live on the precipice of an energy revolution but we are not quite there yet. Petrol cars are damaging to the environment but electric cars need constant re-charging at specialised charging points, making moving around without a worry a drag. Enter hybrid technology! Using a fraction of the petrol of a conventional vehicle, hybrid cars instead use the force of breaking to power it's electric engine, making it a synergistically self charging system. Fill it up with petrol as you would a normal car, then watch the satisfyingly fascinating display window that shows you how the high torque of a battery powered electric motor combines with the petrol driven combustion engine in an impressively efficient performance

When driving, this display shows you exactly how this clever technology works

Sure, the science of it is fascinating enough, and the savings are incredible, but for me, unless a car is luxe enough to make me feel happy driving it, everything falls apart. Genuinely however, this car feels incredible to drive with it's plush leather interiors and every mod con imaginable - think seat warmers, individual temperature controls, rearview camera, assisted parking, speed sensitive steering and many more. What's best for me as a stylist; the boot is incredibly deep and spacious- something that comes in handy on big shoots or trips.


luxe interiors and all the mod cons

While we are at trips, did I mention this baby does Sydney to Melbourne on one tank of petrol and it does it all in an addictively smooth and fast ride?  Maybe Toyota won't mind if I just drive this baby out of their sight? ; )

assisted by Eleni George

This was a sponsored post for Toyota Australia

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