May 14, 2018

Fun ensued when FIB came to my house to raid my closet and talk fashion..Check out the two part interview and witness me ham it up for the cameras and catwalk with my cat ; ). Happy fashion week everyone & thanks to Paul Roberts and the team!

2 comments on “COME INTO MY CLOSET”

  1. Dear Tanja,
    I'm Eva Lengyel from Frost Eyewear /Germany.
    I contact you,as we are going to participate on the Silmo Sydney optical exhibition/ between the 20-22.07.2018.
    As our frames are very special and not very well known in Australia,we would like to ask you about the possibilties to be presented in your blog?
    We read it,and it would be great to be in it concerning the upcoming show and anyway,to let the Australian eyewear lovers introduce these special collections.
    Shortly:all the frames are made by hand by our designer Marion Frost.
    We are based in Sasbach ,the Black Forest in Germany.
    Unique design,special colors,high quality materials describe the collections.
    I hope,you will like it,too.
    Please,check our website,and let us know,if you would be interested in it?
    If yes,please,let us know your conditions and all the infos you would need from us.
    Thank you in advance!
    Best regards,
    Eva Lengyel
    pm frost GmbH
    Mättich 29A ▪ 77880 Sasbach ▪ Germany
    Fon +49 7841 6031-0 ▪

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