October 11, 2016

Teatum Jones dress, Sarina Suriano earrings, Nars lipstick in Jungle red


Wool is really some sort of a voodoo magical fabric. In contrast to synthetics, Merino wool can absorb moisture, aka sweat, and even the  odours from sweat, which are then released during washing, plus for those of us that are a little clumsy ( ahem, me! ) the fibres have a natural protective outer layer that prevents stains from being absorbed. Recent innovations have even made a lot of woollen garments able to be machine washable and tumble dried, making it more versatile then ever. For greenies like me, it's also important that it is a completely natural, renewable and biodegradable source of fibre that sustains planet Earth. But did you know that this incredible fabric has the ability to regulate body temperature making us cooler in winter and warmer in summer?



Teatum Jones dress, Giuseppe Zanotti heels, Sarina Suriano earrings


Each year The Woolmark Company holds a competition encompassing outstanding fashion talent from around the world, awarding the most innovative and modern interpretations of Australian Wool it's International Woolmark Prize. First launched in 1953 by the International Wool Secretariat ( a predecessor of The Woolmark Company ), the prize was famously awarded in 1954 to Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent in Paris. This year, the London-based fashion label Teatum Jones won the 2016 accolade for womenswear at the IWP awards ceremony during New York Fashion Week.





Teatum Jones knit and skirt, Aquazurra shoes, JY jewels earring


Teatum Jones pants and knit, Aquazurra shoes, Sarina Suriano necklace

Catherine Teatum studied at Ravensbourne and Jones at Central Saint Martins, before coming together to launch womenswear label Teatum Jones with her business partner Rob Jones. Inspired by anthropological narratives, the design duo fuses innovation with craftsmanship, often being dubbed "textile pioneers", or as International Woolmark Prize judge André Leon Talley says, they created a collection with “hanger appeal”. Textile based, with exquisite fabrics and modern, relevant shapes, this is not a trend based label, but one that includes considered, high tech design throughout pieces such as thin ribbed knits, multicoloured blanket capes and dramatic, geometrically patterned maxi dresses.



Teatum Jones dress, Christian Louboutin boots, Anna Quan x Alighieri jewellery

Teatum Jones collection is available now at selected David Jones stores and online until sold out


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