January 3, 2017


As confounding as 2016 has been, there were moments within it that were absolutely amazing. Sure there were deaths and natural disasters yet moments of magic cropped up unexpectedly too, leading to larger picture realisations and sudden insights into the foggy crossing roads ahead.

For me personally, no other year has sucked so much whilst simultaneously being absolutely incredible,making for a surreal conundrum; a see-saw of wild emotions, sudden endings and new beginnings. In numerology, 2016 was a number 9 year, a year of wrapping up loose ends, whereas 2017 is a number 1 year- all freshness,optimism and a brave new world. But before I truly embrace this year, I'd like to revisit one of my favourite times of these past months - a trip to beautiful Western Australia as the ambassador of Swim+Resort Series  of Fashion Council WA. Here is my diary of the week that was...


I can’t say I was complaining when told that Bather's Beach House was the setting for Swim + Resort Series along with being the first place in Australia to serve food and cocktails on the beach. I can say it meant I needed a seafood extravaganza and pina colada stat, along with a dip in the ocean and snooze on a beach lounger. Life.Is.So.Hard

On left: Skye and Staghorn Medina Plunge full piece in hibiscus,Kimono in patchwork from Tigerlily, Balenciaga bracelets from Cultstatus, Lovissa earrings, Egidio Alves Madrid wedges from Elle et Lui designer shoes,stylists own handbag. With thanks to the beautiful Hotel Rottnest .On right: Sass and Bide suit in gold

There is nothing in the world like Rottnest Island. To say I fell in love at first sight would be an understatement -the island, just off the coast of Perth is absolute magic. White sand coves are lapped by ocean so azure, it was hard to believe my sunglasses didn't trick me with turquoise filters. When I was told that we were shooting here as part of Swim+Resort Series, I was overjoyed, for my Perth friends waxed so lyrical about this place that I needed to see it for myself.

Natalie Rolt, Harlem Kini top,Leopard cape and culottes,Sass & Bide necklace,plaited belt from Country Road, 
Celine Lea sunglasses

During the shoot I would catch myself just staring at the vistas, gobsmacked at the beauty of this island paradise. A peacock strutted through the Rottnest Island Hotel as we ate lunch, lazily turning it's iridescent feathers to the sun against a backdrop that could've belonged somewhere in the Mediterranean like Formentera, if only little quokas, native to this part of the land, weren't jumping all over the place like cute little pokemon.

Sass and Bide dress in gold and their Make a Wish limited edition necklace 

Skye and Staghorn Medina Shoulder wrap top  and V pant in mezzanine blue ,Lovisa choker and bangle stack


The Swim Week was held by the Bather's Pavillion, just in front of the sands below. Watching up and coming Western Australian designers and Sass&Bide showcase swimwear and resort wear within such easy elegance felt almost surreal with it's beachy luxury and relaxed atmosphere

After the shows, it was time to raise a glass of Aperol Spritz to the famous Western Australian sunset. Thanks for having me Perth, it was glorious. Here's to more W.A adventures in 2017!

Rottnest Island Shoot
Photographer: Greg Lewis
Stylist Zoe Van Zanten
Hair: Daniel Hamsley from Maurice Meade for L'oreal Professionnel
Make up: Sarah-Anne Stevens
Producer: Marcia Ball
Video: Apertunity Productions

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