Too Easy - new pieces to dress down with

February 7, 2014

The other night I had a great work dinner with some of my fellow bloggers. We were rolling out funny stories of our various attempts at getting the best picture with less than happy results - like the time I self shot a story on a hill and had my brand new Nikon D7000 roll off the tripod , while I helplessly watched the lens roll down the incline cracking all the way. Or the poor boyfriends who are forever trying to get a good insta picture but since they have exactly zero professional skills, they keep getting it blurry every time, then exclaiming : it's not my fault, it's the model! Then there is the beautiful picture of a deserted beach with a tagline "exhaling in paradise", when in all reality, it's 7 am and in an hour the beach will be as full of people and boats as the Athen's crazy Piraeus port. But the worst must be trying to smile and look fresh when you have the worst flu/ period pain/ migraine headache. In a bikini.

Being a blogger is to nurture a fantasy world with a healthy dose of reality. Every blogger worth their salt will not try and sell something to their readers that they do not like because in all reality we are the curators of fashion/experience/food/travel. If you sell out , then your readers will not trust your taste.

Similarly, it is often easy to dress up fashion. Amazing vertiginous heels, sexy dresses, beautiful bags - they are so incredible, it isn't hard to look good in them. But what happens on those days that you are going to a backyard BBQ, a festival, beach party, concert? Those are the days that it can be hard to think about pieces to wear. I have compiled a few of these heroes that I love at the moment for all those life's "reality" moments . Shot on an actual beautiful deserted part of Byron Bay's Belongil beach sanctuary

I love a bit of nautical . It makes everyone look so 50s Med, classy and pulled together.This is the kind of outfit that could go from lunch at your potential inlaws to a friend's bbq (Sweater by Vanishing Elephant, shorts by Wrangler, flats by Sambag, sunglasses by Sheriff&Cherry, hat by Panama hats, necklace by Pink Lou Lou)

There is nothing more pretty on a summer's day than a white lace dress. This season do the high-low trend by wearing it with some wide two strap Birkenstock sandals for relaxed cool (dress by Lover, sandals by Birkenstock from Tuchuzy)

Sometimes it's all about denim cut-offs and a well cut t-shirt. It's the sort of throw on you wear when you pop down to the shops , go to a festival or a girlfriend's house. The best shorts for these occasions are not to short and a little bit baggy...comfort guaranteed. (top by  Camilla&Marc, shorts by One Teaspoon, sunglasses by Sheriff & Cherry, vintage belt by Gucci )

A maxi dress is one of those pieces that keeps summertime breezy and relaxed. I love one that combines volume with interesting details and an exposed back - might as well show off that tan! ( dress by Free People, moccassin boots by Minnetonka, sunglasses by Sheriff & Cherry )

Snake print is huge this season and it works for easy dressing too - wearing it top to toe is total rock n' roll cool . ( Top and jeans by Maison Scotch, bikini top by Agent Provocateur, clutch by Asos, sunglasses by Sheriff & Cherry, crystal necklaces and bracelets from Crystal Castle )

photographed by Kasia Werstak on Byron Bay's gorgeous Belongil beach

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