The equinox with Thomas Sabo

The equinox with Thomas Sabo

This Friday, the 20th March, is a special occasion. Not only is it the Spring equinox in the Northern hemisphere and the Autumn equinox in the Southern hemisphere but there is also a total solar eclipse happening and a supermoon will be gloriously huge in the sky. These things, you see, I take very seriously. When I was a child growing up in Croatia, my relatives from the countryside used to tell me magical folk stories in which the heavens and Earth were always connected; planets and stars weren’t masses of matter, they were characters personified here on earth. Whenever something was going on in space, it had direct correlations to our mortal world and we had to prepare for our life changing in some way. In this sense, faeries were completely real beings that occupied a world overlapping ours, only a thin veil away.These faeries were not some cute little creatures like Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell, they were complete female beings ,long haired, beautiful, sometimes endowed with goat legs underneath their long dresses. They harbored emotions and intentions, sometimes evil and capricious, sometimes pityingly sensitive to mankind’s plights . Occasionally they fell in love with men, so they abducted them – the men would cross into their world never ever to be seen again. Congregating around water, rocks or anything misty; they danced by flowing forest springs and roamed foggy sunset fields. I was terrified of them and mystified by them, I dreamt of them and wanted to be them; ethereal and eternal, perfect but ultimately flawed in their formless shape, never quite being of the material world.
For my Thomas Sabo edit I wanted to emulate these otherworldly beings while showcasing some of the most gorgeous clothes available right now. Thomas Sabo is a company I have had my eye on for the last few seasons for their meticulous attention to detail, high quality and collections that vary from classically elegant to extravagant and punk rock. Their beautifully crafted , innovative silver jewellery garnered them fame in the 1990s, however the original collection has expanded into a myriad of styles ; from charms to pendants and crystal jewellery, there is something in the range for everyone. For my edit, I picked my favorite pieces, silver seashells and white pearls, gorgeous gold plated medallions, cute flamingos and chakra inspired mandalas. I hope the faeries approve …
MELTS1This Alex Perry gown is modern romance personified while beautifully crafted silver jewellery and pearls add a little moonlight to the ancient rocks
MELTS2Ellery does contemporary with a vintage twist – this gorgeous tweed fabric and flared details are completely on point. Match up tones with Lucy Folk‘s delicate bead clutch and Thomas Saboo’s Maharani set with radiant milky quarts and milky aqua. Faerie of the seafoam would approve
The forest faerie should be so lucky to posses a special amulet such as this radiant sphere for her crown and a beautifully crafted Toni Maticevski knot top to dance around the weeping willows in
Don’t let the adorable flamingo and intricate charms fool you, this faerie is being naughty in her Agent Provocateur corset.
Align your chakras by wearing beautiful pendants the other way around with a backless gown – all that skin needs ornate adornments to shine (Kaliver gown)
Toughen up pretty lace with some rock n’ roll jewels – this Bianca Spender floor length dress is asking for moonlight nights and bad boys
photographed by Ana Suntay- Toledo

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The equinox with Thomas Sabo