The Spy Who Loved Her- an aprés ski winter 15 edit with Shona Joy

The Spy Who Loved Her- an aprés ski winter 15 edit with Shona Joy

The Spy Who Loved Me was one of those definining moments in my life when I realized that skiing may not be such a bad thing to be into. The movie was 23 years old by that point, and it wasn’t James Bond’s epic skiing/ parachuting down the cliff scene that convinced me of the benefits of snow sports, it was the scene back at the chalet previously, the one where he lies with a nubile blond on resplendent rugs by the roaring fire. All of a sudden, skiing didn’t represent cold, snow and sweat, it meant warmth, luxury, mystique and all around sexyiness. I cannot say I have made much headway into skiing since – my one and only attempt was a terryfying mulled wine fuelled snowplough down the Black Diamond run that could be characteristically labeled a complete fail, however, adapt at apres ski I most certainly am.
For this reason, when Shona Joy mentioned doing an apres ski story for the next installment of my Winter 15 edit of the collection, I jumped in wholeheartedly. And what better place to embrace the luxury of winter than the amazing One&Only Emirates Wolgan Valley resort?
For this edit, my heroine was Barbara Bach’s feisty 70s beauty and her double agent character in the beforementioned spy film – I wanted to connect the delicious tweed, sexy lame dresses and loose 70s suits with a powerful woman waiting for her spy and plotting her next calculated move…
MELMELSH1She spotted him skiing down the slope towards her. He is sure not to suspect anything whilst she is wearing her favorite tweed
MELMELSH6In retrospect, stealing the documents was easy when she looked so elegant in her neutrals doing it
MELMELSH5Could she even trust him? At least her leather enveloped her with the sort of protection she needs
MELMELSH2Tonight is the night. She is sure to find out his deepest secrets when she slips him the truth serum at dinner
MELMELSH4Is that right? She feigned surprise as the truth serum started to take hold
MELMELSH3Was she right to betray him? Her mind was unwavering but her heart longed to see him again…
Photographed by Alice Wesley- Smith
With thanks to the One and Only Emirates Wolgan Valley resort

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The Spy Who Loved Her- an aprés ski winter 15 edit with Shona Joy