At home with L'oreal Elvive

March 26, 2016

Having a shoot at one's house is never a relaxing proposition.  Especially not when your cleaner cancels on you last minute leaving you with a 3.5 hr cleaning sentence on top of a roast dinner and an excitable child that just can't stop asking questions way past their bedtime...once you finally fall asleep in the wee hours of the morning with All The Things crossed off the list , your bored cat gets a brilliant idea that biting your ankles really, really hard at 4 am is his ticket to a fun play wrestle. The alarm clock goes off much too soon after so you wake and rush the kid to school but on the way back home the coffee induced memory recall hits you and you realize a whole crew of people are turning up to your house very soon . You look in the rear view mirror and realize your hair looks terribly unwashed for someone who will be in a hair advert today so you give yourself a sheepishly toothy surprise face and realize you may need another coffee or 3 ...

...Well, hello there! My name is Tanja and I am a serial drama wrangler. My life seems to be made of untangling challenges and smoothing out kinks but most of all, I'm an expert juggler of way too many things. Like most people, I rush around so much that I don't have the time to spend on lengthy beautifying procedures and yet I live a life where my hair and skin are regularly put through ordeals. My genetically blessed curly/frizzy/wavy locks hang out with heat styling apparatuses daily in pursuit of smoothness and shine, whilst hair dye and I have been on a rainbow journey since I was 19.

Naturally, this practice doesn't the healthiest hair make so I am always on the lookout for intense hair repair- I especially love hair masks for their deep moisturizing qualities. When L'oreal contacted me to try out and represent their Elvive Total Repair 5 range, I felt like they found their girl; after all, there isn't many people with hair as tortured as mine after 20 years of modeling.  The Elvive Total Repair range works on 5 signs of dry hair with it's Pro-Keratin and Ceramide molecules penetrating deep into the hair shaft to restore and strengthen the structure of the hair. The shampoo and conditioner work best for daily use and then the masque is supposed to be used once per week, although, I have been using mine in place of the conditioner as it gives me extra dry relief.

I'm especially loving the new Instant Miracle Treatment because it is perfect for last minute touch ups before a meeting  or during a shoot. So how good is it? Well, have you ever watched one of those incredible beauty transformations where a person goes from looking incredibly drub and dull to looking shiny and amazing? Well, that was my hair before and after utilizing these products. The hairstylist on the shoot was fabulous, but even he couldn't hide the split ends had there been any. Now that my hair issues are sorted - I wonder if Elvive can move into the instant sleep remedy market next? Check out my hair stealing the show below...

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