SUMMER SOFT + Wella Competition Winner!

October 13, 2014

How to keep your hair soft in the summer months - even if you are a beach bunny!

Living across the road from Bondi beach makes one appreciate the ocean, sun, salt and sand...and makes your hair a sworn enemy of all above - my highlights make my tan shine but can quickly go dull if not looked after. It ain't easy being a blonde in the summer - I mean, your hair either goes green from chlorine in pools or takes on the texture of straw from swimming at the beach. Even brunettes have to contend with their hair loosing some of it's moisture once December rolls around let alone those of us using peroxide .

If dryness is your headache summer too, listen up, 'cause I have some tips for you:

- Don't wash your hair every day. If you are swimming at the beach, your hair will not be dirty. Washing your hair will just strip the oils away and oil is your friend. Rinse your hair with water instead ,then apply conditioner. Even when you need to shampoo because the roots have lost their bounce (which should be every 3 days or so) shampoo the top of the head only - leave the ends alone .

- Always use a mask after shampooing. You know how usually in a product range there is a conditioner and a mask and you are supposed to use the mask like once a week? Well, my tip is - after shampooing always use the mask. Even if you don't have 20 minutes to spare, leaving the mask on for 4 minutes makes 80% of the goodness soak in. Don't want to have flat roots? Apply conditioner on the roots and a mask on the ends. Always a mask on the ends.

-Before going to the beach add coconut oil through mid lengths and ends. Braid. This will stop the hair from leeching moisture. Mixed with salt, this can give you a cool wavy summer look unbraided ( if the hair gods are on your side) - bonus!

-Before you blow dry, while the hair is still wet, add a few drops of 100% moroccan Argan oil through the mid lengths and ends. This is a cool trick. Not only will this add shine, but softness too. So much softness.

- If brassiness is your pet peeve, consider getting a blue tinged shampoo and conditioner into your routine. This will help keep the brassiness at bay between washes

Top tips: Wella Keratin Repair mask, Silver shampoo and Springfields 100% Moroccan Oil

Now, the drumroll! There were a lot of entrants to the Wella Freelights competition so I put all your names in a bowl and my daughter Coco picked out the winner... and it's Amanda Joy Callaghan ! Congratulations Amanda! You have won yourself a Wella Freelights experience (exactly like the one I had ) at one of Wella's leading salons. This will also include a take home care kit . Check your email for further details and thanks to everyone who entered!

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