Tonal Springs

March 19, 2016

After a month of temperatures in the high 20 Celsius and above, it started feeling like Sydney was stuck in some sort of Ground Hog Day scenario where sunny, perfect days were becoming a hot nuisance instead of a heavenly blessing. A few people remarked how they longed to wear jeans and jackets and one friend exclaimed she was sick of being so tanned. After a while, I couldn't even be bothered to run to the beach after work...after all, there will be another perfect day tomorrow and my couch and closed plantain shutters were so much less stressful than dehydration and crowds. Some claim we live in a world of duality because humanity still has to learn about what it truly likes and wants from experiencing it's absence. Black is too severe, white is too pure; so praise be, what is the exact shade of grey we need for our worlds to feel just perfect?

In my personal world, that nuanced grey , that dream life of perfect temperature, look, taste and feel would probably be one of a mid century heiress living in Palm Springs, blue skies above me, Richard Neutra home behind me, a cold amaretto sour in my hand, feet dangling languidly in a sparkling pool. I would have a walk in wardrobe full of beautiful 50s linens, tweeds, terry toweling and diamonds; all colour co-ordinated by my fateful butler with insane organizational and bartending skills. I would spend half the year doing hands on charity in far away lands such as Zanzibar, Tunisia and Fiji whilst I wrote books on new found botanical species and had exciting, adventurer boyfriends and many brilliant, loving yet self-sufficient children. I think about this picture and it seems complete perfection but then I remember how I would miss hip-hop and the internet and how terribly horrid it would be to live in a world even more racist and misogynist than the one we are still trying to change today ...and a little part of me shudders.

Duality is a bitch but there is a lot to learn from Palm Spring Heiress' fashion. For my newest Thomas Sabo jewellery edit I re-imagined my dream girl as a modern woman with a minimal mid century aesthetic and desert turquoise running through her veins...after all there is something so American Indian ethnic yet completely elegant about this newest collection. This season also introduces Thomas Sabo Love Bridge bracelets, which will become a modern classic and fit in with anything from suits to sportswear. This season, mix silver accents with beige, brown, tan and grey for the ultimate in Palm Springs inspired elegance

As the temperatures cool down consider cacooning yourself in a whole new manner of leisure suits and ensembles - they are all the rage this season. This cashmere combo is elegant and soft at the same time whilst the turquoise dream catcher and feather shaped necklaces mix in a vintage American influence

( Necklaces by Thomas SaboIris and Ink top and skirt from the Outnet, Christian Louboutin pumps)

Stand strong and deliver: offset neutrals with turquoise accents for impact ( Thomas Sabo necklace and bracelets, Asos jumpsuit, Aquazurra sandals )

Silver toned accessories are all the rage this season - mix them with beautiful separates for the ultimate in Palm Springs elegance ( Thomas Sabo Love Bridge bracelets, Zimmermann swimsuit worn as bustier, TY-LR coat dress, Karen Walker skirt )


photographed by Alice Wesley-Smith
direction, styling and production by Tanja Gacic

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